Seychelles Securities Exchange

Service Providers

Trop-X Service Providers are a critical component to the overall integrity of the market place by helping issuers to meet their initial and ongoing obligations under the Trop-X Listing Requirements as well as maintaining compliance with their statutory and regulatory obligations.  There are three main service providers that provide supporting services to Trop-X issuers:

  • Sponsor Advisor - responsible for advising applicants and assisting issuers with their applications for listing on Trop-X.  They also serve as designated on-going advisors to Trop-X issuers and provide support to the issuer to ensure compliance with on-going listing obligations.
  • Company Secretary - responsible for the efficient administration of a Trop-X issuer, particularly with regard to ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Auditors - responsible for evaluating organisations and ascertaining the validity and reliability of information.