Seychelles Securities Exchange

Organisation Structure

AfriClear's Strucure

AfriClear is a wholly owned subsidiary of Trop-X (Seychelles) Limited, the operator of the Seychelles Securities Exchange. 

AfriClear Board

  • Karl Pragrassen – Chairman (Independent, Non-Executive)
  • Bobby Brantley – Director (Non-Executive)
  • Ed Tuohy - Managing Director

 Corporate Governance 

The AfriClear Board of Directors is responsible for providing direction to and overseeing the conduct of the affairs of AfriClear. The three member Board comprises of an independent, non-executive Chairman, one non-executive director and a Managing Director. 

 Management Team

The AfriClear Board and senior management team draw on a diverse range of knowledge and experience in securities, IT, banking, project management, financial product development, fund administration, securities trading and more.

  • Ed Tuohy - Managing Director
  • Marc Belle - Head of Operations