Seychelles Securities Exchange

Listing Methods

Companies wishing to issue and list securities have three primary methods from which to choose. The Sponsor Advisor will assist companies in identifying the most appropriate method for them. Companies will require a Pre-Listing Statement for a listing by Introduction and private placement.  In the case of an Initial Public Offer, a company will require a Prospectus in order to list. The requirements and information provided in the Prospectus and Pre Listing Statement are essentially the same. The big difference being that Prospectuses needs to be submitted to the Securities Authority for approval.  A process which takes an additional 30 days.

Listing by Introduction

Appropriate for companies wanting to list its shares, increase shareholder value, without raising new capital.

Time for Listing: 4-6 weeks (if accounts are in order)

Listing by Placement

Appropriate for companies who wish to raise additional capital through issuing new shares through a private network (including member firms, investment banks, etc.) It does not constitute an offer to the public, however once listed, the shares will be publically available for trading. 

Time for Listing: 2 -3 months subject to placing shares with investors

Listing by Initial Public Offering

Similar to a placement but allows the company to raise capital by making an offer to the general public. 

Time for Listing: 3 -6 months depending on the complexity and the size of the offer (i.e. how much the company is looking to raise).