Seychelles Securities Exchange

Commodity Derivatives

The Trop-X Commodity Derivatives Board currently offers live order book trading of listed derivatives on spot gold.  Another 33 further listed derivatives are available on underlying international commodities and commodities futures through Trop-X derivatives market members.


  • Tight spreads
  • Breadth of products – wide range of available listed equity indices derivatives
  • Deep institutional liquidity – asset managers, retail investors and institutional investors benefit from a deep, liquid order book beyond the top of book spread to accommodate trades of any size
  • Firm limit order liquidity - the Trop-X order book is driven by streaming no ‘last look’ limit orders supplied by liquidity providers
  • Competitive fees – exchange and clearing fees from .15 basis points (0.000015) on total value traded
  • USD settled – mitigating additional cross currency costs for those in exchange control countries