Seychelles Securities Exchange

Trop-X is the approved National Numbering Agency and issuer of International Securities Identification Numbers (ISIN) in the Seychelles. The ISIN identifies securities, shares, options, futures, derivatives and debt and is a number unique to the security itself: it does not identify the platform or exchange that the security is traded on. A separate number is usually attached to the ISIN to identify its trading location which is known as a Market Identification Code. No matter the trading platform, the ISIN number for that security will remain unchanged worldwide.

In order to process an ISIN number, the following documentation needs to be submitted to Trop-X:  

1.       Memorandum and Articles of Association; 

2.       Prospectus/ Private Placement Memorandum if applicable;

3.       Information memorandum clearly indicating the characteristic of the security namely:

          i)   Security type

          ii)  Voting/ Non-Voting

          iii)  Ownership/ transfer restrictions

          iv)  Payment status (Nil/ Partially/ Fully Paid) 

           v)  Bearer or Registered securities 


For further information regarding ISIN's and ANNA, please visit the following link: